How to Design The Perfect Montessori Bedroom In 2024

A beautiful, organized, and uncluttered environment can be the perfect start to a Montessori inspired bedroom for your toddler. 

A favorite book and toy will always be within reach all while encouraging your child's independence when you create the perfect space. Here are 8 steps on how to design a Montessori inspired bedroom.

1. De-clutter and Simplify

Montessori Inspired Bedroom

One of the appeals of a Montessori-style bedroom is that it encourages simplicity. The room is set up without excessive toys, bulky furniture and general kid clutter. It’s a simple, straight-forward environment that’s customized just for your child.

Determine how you can instill a sense or order and independence as far as storage options for toys, books, clothing, personal care items. The room should be uncluttered and easy for the child to see where everything is kept and where items belong.

Place clothes at the bottom levels of drawers so your child can access and get dressed without help.

2. Beauty and Décor

Montessori Inspired Bedroom toddler

What décor do you like or think your child will? Things like colors, fixtures, textures, floor rugs, bed covers, artwork, and furniture may be considered. The room should be calm, and aesthetically pleasing and do not be afraid to decorate.

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Consider using the artwork from your child's projects. It can save you a bunch of money and add life to the room. 

You can even add a workspace with a small table and chairs so they can  emulate parents’ work spaces.

3. Comfort

Montessori Inspired Bedroom for kids

Montessori likes to steer us towards natural fibers and materials. The room should also have natural light and be darkened for day time naps.

The room should have suitable temperature control and be comfortably warm. Adding rugs and blankets can help make it more comforting.

Mirrors, mobiles and other sensory tools will help keep your child entertained and encourage free play that will enhance their comfort in their area.

4. Safety

 Montessori Inspired Bedroom

Safety is so important because the whole idea is that your child, regardless of age, can be left alone to sleep and play independently in their room. 

The toys and materials in the room should be age appropriate, which means no small pieces, and no pull apart pieces. Leave these types of toys out of reach.

Consider a door gate or other safety provisions if needed. Make sure there aren't any dangers in the room like heating appliances, unstable furniture or shelving.

5. Find Inspiration

Montessori Inspired Bedroom ideas

Setting up a bedroom inspired by Montessori can be difficult. You need to see real life examples. No one room is perfect and everyone has their own preferences on a Montessori environment.

Every family and every child is different so what works for one family might not work for the next. There are plenty of examples on the internet to help inspire your set up.

6. Get Rid of the Crib

Montessori Inspired Bedroom design

One of the major transitions in a Montessori bedroom is removing the crib. Putting the mattress directly on the floor give your childs a sense of independence and an environment that fits their physical stature.

The concept of placing a mattress on the floor was first discussed by Maria Montessori over 110 years ago. She wrote that sleeping on the floor promoted a child’s freedom of movement and empowerment.

7. Tap into Your Child's Taste

montessori bedroom furniture

Follow your child and see what they like. Think about your child's tastes and needs especially as their personality and likes become more obvious.

Depending on their age, it's a good idea to discuss ideas with them and allow them to lead in decorating when possible. Display your child's artwork and photographs. 

8. Keep Everything at Child Level

Montessori bedroom furniture toddlers

Lie, sit, crawl around the room to see things from your child's perspective. Assess the toys and items from your child's perspective. 

Showcase one kind of toy on each shelf, but not too many. This prevents over-stimulation and also makes clean up very easy. Teach your child which shelf each toy goes on

Consider placing a few baskets of books throughout the room. This gives the child easy access to them and allows them to pick out favorites when it’s story time. Also creating a comfortable reading spot with a few cushions on the floor or a soft rug is great too. 

Additional Key Considerations

  1. Floor Bed: One of the essential elements of a Montessori bedroom is a floor bed that supports freedom of movement and independence.

  2. Lighting: Opt for a flashlight or a portable light that the child can control themselves.

  3. Bedding: Instead of using a top sheet, use a fitted sheet and a toddler-sized quilt. This makes bed-making easier and more manageable for the child.

  4. Independent Dressing: Promote independence by providing opportunities for your toddler to get dressed on their own. Make clothing simple and accessible, hang a mirror at their level, and have a laundry basket and hooks for organization.

  5. Reading Area: Create a toddler-friendly reading area with comfortable cushions or a child-sized chair. Use a low bookshelf with forward-facing books to make them easily accessible and engage the child's interest. A basket can be used to store board books and maintain order.

  6. Personalization: Add personal touches to the bedroom by incorporating music, displaying photographs, and artwork at the child's eye level. Bringing nature indoors, such as flowers or a treasure basket, can also create a sense of connection with the environment.

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