15 Best Montessori Books In 2024


Montessori books focus on nature, messages of peace and diversity, family and things going on in a child’s world. These books can be helpful when it comes to any aspect of parenting or teaching.

If you are wanting to understand the philosophy of Montessori, get ideas for using it at home, or spend time learning parenting methods, there is definitely a book for you in this list.

1. How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way


This book is a parent's guide to building independence, creativity, and confidence in their children using Montessori learning technique's .This edition includes information about the neuroscience of child development and shares advice about screen time in the digital age, co-parenting, other family changes, and gentle discipline methods.

2. Practical Guide to the Montessori Method at Home

Practical Guide to the Montessori Method at Home

The Practical Guide to the Montessori Method is aimed at parents who want to integrate Montessori activities at home with their children, easily and on a budget. 

3. Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child

Teach Me to Do It Myself

One important element of the Montessori method is teaching and providing opportunities for children to be independent. Independence plays a huge role in Montessori at home and in the classroom, but is often something that parents struggle with the most.

4. My Big Book of Everything

My Big Book of Everything

My Big Book of Everything takes young children on a thrilling visual journey, revealing much more than first words. Come for a magic carpet ride -- out of your home, into the countryside, and far beyond.

5. The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori explores her philosophy and method. Focusing on what Dr. Montessori says is the child’s most crucial development stage, from birth to age six, this book offers insight into education and early childhood development.

6. The Montessori Family, The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

Knowing the magnificent benefits of a Montessori education makes you want to take this concept beyond the classroom and integrate these valuable principals at home. Encouraging your child’s natural curiosity and setting the foundation for lifelong learning can be done by making a few, simple changes in your home environment. 

7. Montessori from the Start 

Montessori from the Start For parent who want detailed information on all aspects of the Montessori approach for younger children, this book is worth a read. The book discusses the theory and the practice, with many examples given.

8. The Secret of Childhood 

The Secret of Childhood

The book is best described as Dr. Montessori’s examination of a child’s personality with the precision of a scientist and the warmth of an educator. This book is a great way to understand the little human you have brought into this world. 

9. Around the World from a to z

Around the World from a to z

Children innately learn through sense exploration and this book has designed each letter of the alphabet to be touched, felt, and traced with the child's middle and index fingers. This tactile approach is naturally compatible with the use of cursive letters: tracing cursive sandpaper letters stresses the flow that is inherent in the physical act of writing. 

10. The Montessori Baby

The Montessori Baby

he Montessori Baby shows how to raise your baby from birth to age one with love, respect, insight, and a surprising sense of calm. This book is filled with practical ideas for understanding what is happening with your baby, and how you can assist in their learning and development. 

11. The Essential Montessori: An Introduction to the Woman, the Writings, the Method, and the Movement

The Essential Montessori

This book has been relied upon for almost two decades as the definitive guide to the writings of Maria Montessori, the teaching and application of her ideas in today's educational arena, as well as being an indispensable sourcebook for teacher training programs, advice on choosing schools, materials needed for the classroom, and much more. 

12. Montessori Madness!: A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education

Montessori Madness

Montessori Madness follows one family with young children on their journey of determination, discovery, and delight. Learn the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Montessori education. This book makes an aggressive, humorous, and passionate case for a brilliant method of education that has received too little attention.

13. Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

The Science Behind the Genius

Parents and teachers will develop a clear understanding of what happens in a Montessori classroom and, more important, why it happens and why it works.

Amid the clamor for evidence-based education, this book presents the studies that show how children learn best, makes clear why many traditional
practices come up short, and describes an ingenious alternative that works.

14. Montessori Toddler & Baby From The Start A Gentle Parenting Technique For Every Family: A Comprehensive Montessori Method At Home Guide To Raising Successful And Happy Children

Montessori Toddler

This informative and accessible guide will help you raise an independent, well-balanced, happy, and successful child. It doesn’t need to be complex, and you do not have to be a stay-at-home parent to provide the most supportive care to your child.

15. Montessori Toddler Discipline: A Guide for Parents to Raising Independent and Well-Educated Kids with No-Drama

 Montessori Toddler Discipline

This book is a hands-on guide, full of examples and suggestions to apply in everyday life situations, written by a mom for other moms and families that want to learn and grow with their kids.

It all starts from a famous approach to childhood education that has been proved successful for many years, the Montessori method. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re new to Montessori or a veteran, these Montessori Books will be some you want to own. 


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