The 25 Best Montessori Toys for 2 Year Olds


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Two year old's are at the age of curiosity, exploration and learning which are all methods of Montessori.

If you have determined that Montessori is a good fit for your 2 year old then focusing on toys that support this philosophy can be a great way to encourage your toddler’s learning through play and make for wonderful Montessori gifts for 2 year olds.

Keep reading to see our picks for the best Montessori toys for 2 year old's.

Best Types of Montessori Toys for 2 Year Olds

2-year-olds love to make sense of the world by categorizing and sorting things. The best toys for this age support their emerging independence and sense of identity. Toys for two year old's should also give your toddler opportunities to develop fine and gross motor practice, problem-solving, practical life skills, and more.

1. Coin Bank

coin bank for kids

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Your 2 year old can improve hand-eye coordination through simple movements. This toy adopts a variety of shapes and bright colors to improve children's concentration. It also allows your child to learn to observe the differences between different objects.

2. Puzzles

wooden puzzle

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Puzzles are a classic Montessori activity and the beautiful designs and images help build your child's awareness. Puzzles can be used as a matching game to learn real animals, develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills.  The shapes are simple enough for your toddler to match.

3. Peg Dolls

Peg Dolls

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Simple, colorful peg dolls are a Montessori favorite. They are perfectly sized for little hands, and there are countless ways toddlers can play and pretend with them for years to come. These are great because they also teach sorting and basic colors.

4. Wooden Walker

wooden walker

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This walker toy encourages gross and fine motor skills while developing hand-eye coordination. Besides pushing exercises, this toy adds activity puzzle functions which helps with cognition, walking through the maze, turning the blocks, cognitive ability, teaching flexibility.

5. Realistic Figurines

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Realistic figurines is one of the principles of Montessori-based education and it helps children relate to and understand the world around them and develop meaningful connections. These sets can be made up of farm animals, arctic animals, safari animals, and pets and are a great learning toy and can be used also in matching the figurines to identical sets or printed cards. 

6. Musical Instruments

International Wooden Music Set

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Musical instruments are a staple in all Montessori playrooms for your 2 year old. You will immediately see your child react to music and realize the powerful impact it can have on social, emotional and cognitive development.

7. Hammer Toys

Hammer Toys

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Montessori toys are developed with a single concept in mind like hammering an object through a hole. Pounding toys are specially designed for little hands and suitable for an easy grip, which is ideal for toddlers. These types of toys can help promote hand-eye coordination, improve dexterity and exercise their muscles.

8. Blocks

montessori blocks

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A nice set of wooden blocks is not only a Montessori-friendly toy but it is one that can grow with your toddler. Blocks encourage your 2 year old to build, imagine, develop motor skills and even experiment with math and physics concepts. These sets are usually made from natural wood and finished with non-toxic paint.

9. Shape Sorting Cube

Shape Sorting Cube

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Shape sorters are a classic Montessori childhood staple that will hold up to hours and hours of play. The bright colors and chunky size objects make it easy for little hands to grasp. Your child must drop shapes into the sorting cube by fitting the pieces in the matching holes. 

10. Chunky Water Blocks

Chunky Water Blocks

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These chunky blocks combine the simplicity of wood blocks with a colorful design. These light weight building blocks help strengthen motor skills development, improve hand-eye coordination, and are a great tool for teaching your toddler colors and shapes.

11. Rainbow Stacker

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Your two year old can use this stacker as building blocks, stimulate imagination and develop creativity and help develop intelligence. This toy is a colorful building block toy set that contains 7 different vibrantly colored wooden pieces with separate sizes.

12. Board Books

Board Books

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The Montessori method recommends choosing children’s books that are based in reality, include interesting details and are appropriate for a child’s age and learning level. Bright, realistic images will help with expanding their vocabulary with lots of new words.

13. Wooden Nesting Stacking & Bowls

Wooden Nesting Stacking

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This toy is great for multifunctional nesting and sorting. It is specially designed for Montessori teaching. Your two year old can stack the cups up to make a tower and nest them inside each other all while learning sizes, weight, counting or drawing a picture on the boxes. 

14. Wooden Puzzle Shape Sorter

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Your two year old can learn to combine objects in 3 ways because of the pillar base adopts upgraded design and can be separate break-up. This Montessori toddler toy also guides your child to learn more colors, shapes and numbers when matching blocks.

15. Colored Balls and Cups

Colored Balls

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Colored balls and cups are another great way of teaching color matching as well as promoting balance and developing motor skills. The colored balls and cups game is very appropriate, but it’s not one of the typical go-to materials.

16.  Fine Motor Mastery Busy Board

Fine Motor Mastery Busy Board

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At around two years old, your toddler may start to explore their clothes, fiddling zippers, buttons and drawstrings. A busy board bundles together nine different types of clothing fasteners to help your toddler practice the fine motor skills required to put on clothes and take them off.

Keep in mind that the Montessori method says to let children lead their own learning, so offer this toy when you see that your child is showing interest in learning how to work with fasteners.

17. Peg Board

peg board

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Your two year old can enjoy hours of play using this tactile and multisensory tool. Counting peg boards applies this concept by helping your child to develop visual memory while also training the muscles of the hand.

18. Paint Play

Paint Play

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Finger paints inspire creativity and sensory exploration as well as just plain old fun. Aligned perfectly with the Montessori philosophy, these paints will encourage your toddler with hands-on exploration and help with sensory development. These paints are non-toxic, washable and safe for artists of any age.

19. Housework Helpers Cleaning Tools

Housework Helpers Cleaning Tools

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Summon your toddler to help around the house in the name of all things Montessori. These cleaning tools are sized down for toddler hands and they look just like the real thing, which is an important feature in Montessori-inspired materials. 

20. Assorted Wooden Fruit Set

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Toddlers will love practicing their "knife skills" with this wooden food set. You will love that you won't have to worry about your toddler hurting themselves. This is a great playset to start teaching your little one about kitchen tasks.

21. Wooden Lacing Toys

Wooden Lacing Toys

These lacing toys are great for working fine motor skills and keeping a toddler entertained in the car or at appointments. This threading toy is great for toddlers, and are solid and smooth with perfectly sized slots for threading. 

22. Race Cars & Ramp

Race Cars

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The Junior Ramp Racer assists your 2 year old development with hand-eye coordination and attention span. It also encourages toddlers to cooperate and take turns to play their own race cars, develop communication skills, dexterity and repetition through playing.

23. Play Sink

Play Sink

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A big part of Montessori is practical life skills especially in the kitchen. A play sink can be a great option for parents wanting to introduce the concept without running their sink all day.

24. Crawling Tunnel

 Crawling Tunnel

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The crawling tunnel is a great exercise in gross motor skills and can turn into creative play. This can be great to get your toddlers to engage in physical play and stimulates the imagination.

25. Eggs Sensory Game

Eggs Sensory Game

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An egg sensory game is a fun way of learning new things and improves different skill sets, including hand-eye coordination and effective problem-solving. This toy is like a real egg size that makes it perfect for little hand to grasp and play while discovering unique color & shape combinations.

Final Thoughts

There are a few things to remember when choosing Montessori toys for your 2 year old and that is they are learning the concept of full and empty, color matching and in and out. Toys that encourage these skills will keep your toddler busy for hours on end.

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